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5 Causes of Roof Damage in Allentown

The roof is what protects and covers your house. It is important that it is given proper maintenance to prevent damages. Homeowners often overlook maintaining their roofs until a problem arises and they would have to repair or change the entire roof. In general, just being aware of potential dangers on a roof could go a long way. Using a roofing company that is knowledgeable will make the process a whole lot easier when it comes to making repairs.


Fallen tree limbs or branches can cause serious harm to a home. This usually happens when trees are hit by strong winds, storm surges, or if a tree is sick with disease and deteriorates causing the branches to break off and fall. A roof is not the only thing that could become harmed by a fallen tree. Power lines, cars, patio furniture, and many other items can be struck as well. This could be prevented by making sure that your magnificent tree is regularly maintained if you are not open to the idea of cutting it. Make sure that potential hazards are removed as soon as they appear this can help prevent problems in the future.

Wind, Rain, Snow, and Hail

These elements of the nature are the usual reason for roof repairs to a home. Strong winds can break or even blow off slabs of shingles. If this happens moisture can creep in and damage the roof. When the rain hits hard it causes shingles to become weak. While snow and ice is the fiercest of these three elements, moisture and water is really where you will see a huge problem. Once ice thaws within the shingles, moisture and water can seep through and damage the interior and exterior of the home. Hiring roofers in Allentown to asses any harm that has been caused from the cold winter months is a great idea for keeping your roof at its best!

Algae and Moss Buildup

Moss and algae will cause a roof to rot and deteriorate if not monitored and given attention. Regular checkups and cleaning of the roof is a must to prevent this from happening. Roofing companies will be able to determine if there is any early detection of moss build up on the surface. If so, the roofing company will be able to fix that area as well, before the problem gets out of hand.

Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

Fallen leaves and needles if not removed regularly can collect in the gutters and cause it to clog. Clogged gutters will cause aesthetic problems and structural problems due to ugly stains to your sidings and it will weaken the foundation of the home. Well maintained gutters will ensure the good flow of rainwater from the roof down to the ground it will also prevent leaks caused by long soaking due to heavy rains that can occur in Allentown.


Some animals tend to reside on a roof like birds, squirrels, bats, mice, and raccoons and may cause some damage as well. Some birds like woodpeckers look for their food by poking into your shingles trying to look for insects. Raccoons cause issues to shingles and vent covers when they pull and lift them off of a roof. While bats are sometimes aggressive enough to make their way into your attic through small opening caused by other animals. Bats can chew into a wall and damage wirings in the attic. These animals no matter how cute and tiny they are can cause serious issues to your home.

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