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Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractors

Choosing the roofing company in Bethlehem that is right for you is an important task in making sure that you get the value for your money in. It can also be difficult and stressful for people clueless of how the roofing industry works. There are many roofing companies in each state but not all are reliable and trustworthy. Not all are certified or even acknowledged by business organizations, and can run the risk of producing low quality or substandard work.

Local Roofers in Bethlehem

At Blue Square Builders we offer assurity that there is never a problem in trying to contact our roofing company in Bethlehem should there be a need for emergency services or warranty services. We service the greater easstern and central Pennsylvania region, providing a quality roof with exemplary customer care. We will be happy to share customer reviews, similiar projects, testimonials and our industry accolades. A dedication to excellent workmanship and customer service.

Make Sure Your Roofers Are Insured

Another tip in choosing the right Bethlehem roofing contractors is making sure that they have an insurance policy for liabilities. This is one way to ensure that some parts of the roof cost and the service to be rendered are protected by the security of an insurance coverage. To fully check their insurance, a customer can ask for certificates from the roofers or even directly communicate with the insurance provider to confirm validity. Be aware though that not all states are requiring roofing companies to have insurance, but it’s in the customer’s best interest to hire someone with insurance for peace of mind.

Check the Reputation of the Roofing Company in Bethlehem

Customers can perform a simple background check on the prospected contractor. There are many ways of doing so by getting in touch with the state’s Department of Professional Regulation or a local Better Business Bureau (BBB). Visit the BBB website, where Blue Square Builders is top rated! Legitimate and trusted roofing companies have websites and social media accounts like a Facebook Business Page and from these platforms, reviews from their past clients can be seen. By checking these online programs, a customer’s decision process can be made or broken. As you will see Blue Square Builders is accredited with the BBB!


Having open and effective communication is important in gauging if your local roofing contractors are right for you. The roofing professionals should be able to get in touch and properly address all areas of concern of the customer. They should be reached easily by either a phone call, text or other messaging portals that will be convenient for both parties. If a roofing company is hard to reach, it may cause some future problems and great inconvenience for customers and leaving your roofing problem hanging is something that must never happen.

Written Contract

Make sure that a written contract will be provided by the roofing company that you choose in Bethlehem. This way you are sure that the roofing personnel will be bonded to completing the agreed service that you are requiring. Upon the release of a contract, it must read thoroughly. The customer and the contractor’s rights, the materials to be used, the duration, the costing, and warranty coverage are the basic components of a contract in roofing services.

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