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Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof

Installing or repairing a new roof is always an opportunity to upgrade your home’s functionality and look. Choosing the right materials and style is as important as choosing the right roofing company for a project in Bloomsburg. Below are some factors to consider when choosing your new roofers!


Check for the company’s license, certifications, and insurance. These three will determine and validate the roofing company’s claim of a good service if they are able to provide these basic requirements. Finding qualified professionals is the first step in getting the job done right. If you are searching for a roofing company in Reading, do your research before hiring. Ask around to neighbors and friends to gain feedback. Use your resources like the BBB and Google to find real reviews! BSB encourages you to reference our reviews for our reliability and professionalism on the job!

Your Finances

Your financial situation is also important for a roofing project. It is important to maintain a balance between quality and price to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Roof repair or replacement could sometimes be costly and there are ways to make sure that your money is well spent by getting services from roofing contractors in Bloomsburg with a quality track record of customer satisfaction. At Blue Square Builders we offer affordable financing on all roofs, to make the out of pocket expense nonexistant. Give us a call today and we will be happy to answer any questions and get you qualified.


At Blue Square Builders we understand how important of a project your roof is. All of our work is covered by extensive warranties, whether it's a roof repair or new roofing project. There will be a guarantee that the roofing service that will be provided for your project is backed by warranties or insurance to give you peace of mind. An extra assurance that you are covered in case of there should be any glitches or problems that arise in the future. A roof repair or replacement is important because big amounts of money will be spent to ensure your family’s safety. Check and make sure for warranty coverage’s offered by your roofing contractors. Coverage will vary depending on the roof that you choose so double check with your roofers at Blue Square Builders to find out about your roofs warranty today!

Is New Shingle Roofing Suitable to Your Home Design?

The type of roof that you will get could make or break the aesthetics of your home. It is ideal that your roof should go together with the exterior design of your house like the walls, frame, and other architectural details. Red, green, yellow homes go well with a darker roof. For Spanish style houses asphalt shingles or wood shake should be avoided. While Colonial style houses should avoid clay tiling. Roofing fits perfectly for a home that is modern or contemporary but will work wonders on a house gives a barn feel!

Life Span

Roofing materials will have different life spans and it is best to choose one that will last a long time. Slate tiles are an example of a type of roof that could last for over 50 years. Blue Square Builders, roofing contractors will be able to give you options on what roofs have the longest life span with all the other considerations you may have in mind.

The Right Roof Will Add Significant Value to Your Home

A roof has a big contribution in making your home look timeless or outdated regardless of its real age. Choosing the right roof can add value to your home and is best for homeowners that are looking to selling their property. Neutral colors are best to give a classic and ageless vibe to your home. Give Blue Square Builders a call today and look into increasing the value of your home.

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