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Roofing Insurance Claims Process for Storm Damage

What if we told you there was no need to pay out of pocket for your upcoming roof repair or replacement? As long as you are up to date on your homeowner's insurance payments, it's possible to claim financial benefits for wind, hail and inclement weather damages.

Here at Blue Square Builders, we've helped thousands of property owners within NEPA, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, PA and surrounding areas file insurance claims for a stress-free repair process from beginning to end.

We're your locally owned roofing business that looks to save you money any chance we get. Our team gets you back up and running as quickly as possible without breaking the bank.

Will My Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Your homeowner's insurance company may front the money for your roof repair or replacement depending on when and how the damages occur.

Filing a claim involves a systematic procedure with several steps, but the experts at Blue Square Builders channel 25 years of industry experience to tackle the paperwork, communication and inspections you need for a fast turnaround. A homeowner's insurance company will replace your roof to save you from unexpected property losses that are out of your control.

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roofing Replacements

Blue Square Builders ensures that all storm damages are documented prior to filing a claim. We'll visit your location for an in-person assessment, and we can use our own drones to create a 3D model of your home for insurance providers. Review the information we have outlined below for a closer look at our filing process:

Step 1

Call Blue Square Builders at (570) 332-2984 to set up a free inspection of your roof, gutters, siding and more. We will inspect your entire home for hail, wind and storm damage.

Step 2

If we find damage, we will then execute our 1st Insurance Contract for us to work with your insurance company. We then contact your insurance company to file an insurance claim.

Step 3

Either call us with your adjuster's information or have your adjuster contact us directly so that we can set up an appointment. It is very important to make sure we are there to represent you during this appointment. Do not allow your adjuster to look at your roof alone even if they say they do not need us present.

Step 4

Blue Square Builders and your insurance adjuster will inspect all areas of your property, discuss covered damages and come to a verbal agreement. We will point out damages they may or may not see. We will also make sure they understand the Pennsylvania required building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Step 5

The adjuster will send you paperwork with what damages are covered. Forward any paperwork to Blue Square Builders before signing so we can verify the damages have been fairly evaluated and accurately reported.

Step 6

We will execute our 2nd Insurance Contract and choose a date for work to be performed. Then we will discuss shingle types/colors, gutters and siding. We assist you in choosing beautiful new colors for your home that will make you happy!

Step 7

Endorse first insurance ACV check payable to Blue Square Builders, along with payment of deductible and any upgrades if applicable. Once the first payment is received, Blue Square Builders will begin the scope of work.

Step 8

After the project is complete, Blue Square Builders will walk with you to inspect all the work and sign a COC (Certificate of Completion). We send all required paperwork to your insurance company to release the held depreciation money.

Step 8

Endorse second insurance depreciation check payable to Blue Square Builders. Enjoy your beautiful new roof, siding and gutters. Tell all your neighbors, friends and coworkers about us!

Step 10

Blue Square Builders will register all labor workmanship warranties for you. You will receive your certified Owens Corning Platinum Preferred warranty certificate in the USPS mail. Don't forget to leave us a 5-star online review!

Here is a list of insurance companies we have great working relationships with to file your homeowner's insurance claim:

When to File a Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim

Depending on the severity of a hail storm, you may not be able to see the devastation from the ground. The easiest way to tell if you require the help of Blue Square Builders is to observe your car and property for anything out of the ordinary. Indentations on your vehicle as well as neighbors reaching out for assistance are good indicators that you're in the market for a professional inspection.

It's better to file a hail damage roof insurance claim within one year of a storm. The sooner our team can spot problem areas, the more efficient we can be when ordering supplies based on your preference for style, color and texture. Inclement weather shortens the lifespan of roofing materials, so we attend to your roof with industry-leading shingles by Owens Corning.

Note that filing an insurance claim for storm damage is free. There is no need to worry about your insurance rates skyrocketing, as the aftermath of a hail storm is no fault of your own.

Why Choose Blue Square Builders for Insurance Claim Assistance?

At Blue Square Builders, we take the time to make sure you're comfortable with the hail damage roof insurance claims procedure from start to finish.

We happily offer customers within our service area no-obligation inspections and oversee your roofing repair or replacement project so you don't have to. Whether your property calls for cover and tarp services, or you're seeking guidance for architectural styles, we specialize in asphalt, metal, slate and tile repairs and installation for your convenience.

Bounce back from anything the forecast dishes out thanks to the experts at Blue Square Builders.

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