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Our Storm Damage Team Provides Expert Roof Repairs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

If your house was hit by a windstorm or hail storm, what do you do? Take it from our teams decades of experience in PA and New Jersey, even emergency roof repairs need professionals to insure long-lasting results. That's why we're asked by insurance companies to step in when a major storm hits anywhere in PA and New Jersey.

Having a functional roof is a necessity. This main part of your home or commercial building is responsible for keeping family, friends and coworkers safe. For those in our service area, Blue Square Builders is a trusted name in storm damage insurance claims, repair and replacement efforts. Count on us to help you get back to your routine in a timely manner.

Our Storm Damage Team

We Perform Hail Damage Roof Inspections

Before the professionals at Blue Square Builders can repair your roof, a hail damage roof inspection must take place. It only takes moments for hail to impact shingles, shakes and tiles, so teaming up with our team is a great way to learn more about the condition of your investment. We proudly offer free inspections for residential and commercial customers, and we're equipped with drone equipment to get a closer look at your existing structure with safety in mind.

Hail damage roof inspections allow us to see any imperfections across your roof from an aerial view. From missing shingles to cracks in slate, we get the data we need to make an informed decision for repairs. Depending on the severity, our hail damage roofing team can build a 3D model of your roof for accuracy in insurance claims.

We look beyond just the condition of shingles. The inspection process involves reviewing all components of your roofing system, such as flashing, ventilation, chimneys, gutters and more, to address small issues before they get a chance to develop.

What Can Hail Damage Do to Roofing Shingles?

No two roofing materials are exactly the same. Whether your installation consists of metal, slate, asphalt, concrete or clay, understand that hail damage alters shingles, shakes and tiles in unique ways. If you or one of our roofing team members notice the following signs of damage, a roofing repair is in order:

Hail Damage to Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are crafted from metamorphic rock. Intense hail and rainstorms may cause sections to chip, crack or come loose from their position.

Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab and architectural asphalt shingles may crack, break or show abrasions after a storm. Granule layers weaken over time with repeat hail exposure, causing installations to deteriorate prematurely.

Hail Damage to Concrete and Clay Tiles

Both concrete and clay roofing tiles can experience deep fractures at the point of impact. Connecting cracks appear star-shaped where pieces of hail strike the surface.

Our Hail Damage Roof Repair Services in Pennsylvania

Roofs shield you from the elements, block UV rays and keep drafts out of your residential or commercial space year-round. When an aggressive storm passes through Pennsylvania, you can count on the hail damage roofing team at Blue Square Builders to correct leaks directly at the source thanks to our repair and replacement services.

Having been in business for over two decades, we'll visit your location with the tools, supplies and knowledge in hand to complete tasks such as:

Tips for Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Blue Square Builders is your premier roofing company near Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Back Mountain, Mountain Top and all of eastern and central PA, and New Jersey. If you need help with hail damage roof repairs, we put together the following guide to ensure you're satisfied with the final results:

  1. Don't make big decisions in a hurry.
    If you have a leak, act quickly to get it repaired, but if your roof, siding or windows are not leaking there is no reason to make hasty decisions. Most hail damage does not present an immediate emergency and most insurance companies allow their clients one year to make necessary repairs or replacements.Blue Square Builders is happy to make emergency repairs if needed—and to provide you with a thorough inspection and proposal to get your home back in top shape. We can get the process started even before an insurance adjuster gets to you!
  2. Turn in a claim to your insurance company immediately.
    Your insurance company will be getting a lot of calls, so be patient with them. But be sure to get your name on the list. In large hail storms, it is not uncommon for it to take an adjuster two weeks or longer to get out to your roof due to their call volume. Waiting too long, however, can sometimes cause the roof to deteriorate and cover up signs of hail damage. This, in turn, could cause your damaged roof to be turned down by your insurance carrier.We'll work with you to make the insurance process and work completion a seamless and easy task. Blue Square Builders has a great deal of experience in working with its customers and their insurance companies to ensure that the coverage and exceptional service customers deserve is provided. If we see any discrepancies between our estimate and the insurance allowance, we will get in contact with your adjuster to resolve it and ensure your best interests are taken into account.
  3. Get an estimate that feels right to you—and look at more than the price.
    While insurance companies may suggest two or three estimates, one may be enough in storm conditions. Just be sure that you don't pay more than your deductible plus any extras or upgrades (i.e. new skylights, added ventilation, higher grade roofing)—and that your estimate is from a local reputable company. Insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on storm claims; they know what roofing and structure repairs and replacements cost to do properly. If you're tempted, but uneasy about accepting a low bid or a “too good to be true” discount, look closer. Hail storms bring out people and companies that run the gamut from inexperienced and uninsured, to those that are out right deceptive or unscrupulous.Be absolutely sure that everything the estimator or salesperson says is clearly written into the proposal, that they have thoroughly examined your structure or roof, and that they have a long-standing history and reputation in the community. Unfortunately, not every PA roofing company is reputable. If problems arise with your contract and the company that offered it, will they be able to follow through on any promises or warranties on the roof repair they've done?

    Blue Square Builders is rarely the cheapest bid, but you will find that we are the most thorough. We don't believe in taking short cuts that diminish the look or quality of your home's roof and we will help you negotiate your settlement if we believe it isn't sufficient to get your job done right. We're more than a Pennsylvania roofing company: we are also owned and operated by a local community family that is passionate about quality and customer service. We carry insurance, have an office where you can find us if you need us, and a friendly and experienced staff to ensure that both you and your job get the attention they deserve. We have talented, well-paid employees, carry insurance, honor our warranties, have years of referrals to offer you.

  4. Use a reputable roofing company.
    Check out the company you are considering carefully. Numbers of years in business, not just their employees' combined years of experience, is extremely important. For the most part, companies that have managed to stay in business for more than 10 years are doing something right! Unfortunately, too often people communicate their track record in less than credible ways—and industry statistics tell us that the average roofing company is in business for 2 ½ or fewer years. It's important to watch out for companies that spring up just to tap into business opportunities during hail conditions, and even local established companies that hire unknown or inexperienced help in an effort to ramp up their ability to do roof repair quickly. Listen for integrity and experience and don't hesitate to ask for referrals.Blue Square Builders has been around for 23 plus years. We have an office in Forty Fort, PA with a professional and accessible Project Planning and office staff to support the work that is completed for you in our northeastern PA and Central PA service area. We are here to stay. We have one of the best warranties in the industry and are able to offer extended manufacturer warranties on our new roof replacements.
  5. Check with the Better Business Bureau.
    While the Better Business Bureau provides very limited information about a company, a company's membership in the BBB can at least let you know that the company is rooted in northeastern PA that it's in good standing, and that it has a public commitment to customer satisfaction. While it's difficult to know what percentage of a company's customers have expressed dissatisfaction and claims need not be substantiated, with a little additional research you can get a read on a company's credibility and reputation. Let the BBB be one of many ways you assess a company's credibility.Blue Square Builders has been a member in good standing of the Eastern Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau since 2016. Blue Square Builders has over 25,000 completed jobs in PA—and many satisfied customers. We strive for 100% satisfaction and work hard to build the kind of relationships that will have us working in partnership with our customers when concerns arise. Our BBB A+ Rating and ZERO Complaints says a lot!
  6. Ask about certifications.
    Many manufacturers have rigorous certification requirements that a company must meet to be a top-rated contractor. Owens Corning is North America's best shingle manufacturer and challenges contractors to meet stringent requirements. Either way, having the conversation with a company representative offers you greater assurance that the company you are dealing with knows what they are doing.Blue Square Builders holds the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred certification. You can rest assured that we're more than just your average PA roofing company.
  7. If needed, call Blue Square Builders for a second opinion.
    While hail can be capricious, damaging some homes and sparing others, if you have been denied a claim and all your neighbors are getting new roofs or exterior repairs, it might be a situation where the adjuster has made an error. Adjusters are only human, and they do occasionally make a mistake. Sometimes the way the light hits a roof makes it difficult to see the damage, and sometimes it takes additional rain storms to expose the actual damage.If you suspect that hail damage has been overlooked, a Blue Square Builders Representative will inspect your roof and exterior. If hail damage is found we'll meet with the insurance adjuster and negotiate the claim on your behalf.
  8. Be patient with your roofing contractor.
    In large hail storms, reputable roofing contractors who utilize only experienced sales and craftsmen get behind due to the volume of work. Because most hail damage is not an emergency, it is worth waiting for the right company. In fact, it's far better than turning to inexperienced people and/or people and companies with less than scrupulous business practices. Get your work done right, and make sure you have a company that will be there to make good on its warranties if problems do arise. If your roof is leaking, be sure to tell us and make that clear so your job is attended to as quickly as possible.Blue Square Builders is committed to using its best and most experienced people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. Many of our customers say we're worth waiting for and many are repeat customers…because hail does strike the same areas twice. Please give us a call or ask for a free estimate today if you suspect hail damage!

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