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Deciding When to Make an Investment for Your Roof in Williamsport

A brand-new roof or asphalt shingle style is always a great asset for any homeowner. If you are looking to list your home for sale or simply looking to upgrade the exterior, making the investment in a new roof in your Williamsport home can offer many benefits. Roofing companies and roofing contractors will know which styles of roof would work well with your existing home and which would hold up the best through the years.

There are many ways to properly maintain a roof and make it achieve a longer lifespan and it all starts with finding the right roofing company that has the knowledge to help you make the best investment for your home! If you are ready for a new roof than call Blue Square Builders today!

Checking the Drains for Clogs

The drains of your roof must be kept unclogged at all times especially during the months when the seasons and climate changes. Clogged drains is one of the main causes of roof damage because trapped or stagnant waters on your drains will make the shingles weak causing leaks that will attract molds, algae or mosses which are the usual causes of the need for untimely roof repairs or total roof replacement which is painful to the budget of a family. Gutters are also needing regular checking to keep water running smoothly from the roof to the ground. A ladder and a long pole are the most common tools in keeping a clog free drains. A homeowner can choose to clean the drains by themselves or hire professionals do so. Most local roofing companies can give you referrals of who to consider getting this simple task done by.

Knowing What to Look For

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is a helpful reminder in making sure that the wellbeing of your roof is getting enough consideration. Roofing contractors recommend that a roof should be getting regular checkups at least once a month. A thorough inspection of at least twice a year or every time seasons change. This is important to gear up your roof before a battle with changing seasons especially today that climate change has severely impacted the weather.

By being aware of what to look for, a homeowner should be able to catch and detect a problem on early stages. If you are still wary about checking for signs, call Blue Square Builders for a free estimate. Being able to detect and applying needed small fixes should prevent further damages that will require major repairs or worst, a replacement. The following are the things to be mindful about when doing regular roof inspections.

Leaves, and Tree Branches

For roofs that are significantly low pitched, making sure that the possibility of damages from trees are minimized or totally removed. Be aware of tall trees that could cause your roof to break or damaged during a hail storm. Most roofs that are damaged during storms or typhoons are caused by tree branches falling on them. If there are trees with big and sturdy branches around your house, you may decide to cut them off or at least trim them to a point that they can’t cause any damage on your roof or to any parts of your property like the sidings, gutters, patio, and lawn.

Leaves could also accumulate on a roof or gutters. If these are not removed regularly, moisture could serve as the breeding ground for molds and algae’s. Cleaning your roof off leaves can be easy by using leaf blowers for dried leaves, but for leaves that has just fallen off from a tree, you may use a regular garden hose to wash them away. However, never use high pressure washer to clean your roof as it will only cause damage on your shingles.

Keep Animals Away from Living on Your Roof

Small animals and critters like rodents, squirrels, and small birds are sometimes brave enough to live on a roof especially if it’s one that doesn’t get regular inspection. They reach the roof by climbing up tree branches touching the roof. These small animals are dangerous to the roof because they cause damages on shingles by tearing them to build a nest. They also tend to bite off roof materials, chimneys, siding, gutters, etc.

Some animals like bats even force their way inside of your attic by slowly poking small holes on your roof. Animal feces, hearing small noises, and seeing bite marks, or chewed cords are signs that unwanted guests are living on your roof. By detecting them as soon as the signs appear, it is a must to get rid of them and ensure that they do not reach your roof again by putting up roof fences if there are trees that you can’t cut down, branches are to be trimmed regularly as well. Finding the right roofing contractors that can help you detect any of these issues is the first step in deciding if making the investment on a new roof is right for you!

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